When You IGNITE Your Highest Dream,
You Expand Your Horizon For Growth And Development.

When You INSPIRE People,
You Charge Them To Go Beyond.

When You Create IMPACT,
You Change The World.

About Shiv pandey

Shiv Pandey is CEO& Founder of IGNITEDDREAM which is the manifestation of his deepest desire & highest dream.He is a powerful Motivational speaker, Leadership Igniter, Corporate Trainer & Keynote Speaker.

Shiv Pandey has gathered phenomenal corporate & business experiences which are reflected automatically in his all corporate training, Leadership & Management consultancy & it gives tremendous satisfactions & zenith of happiness to clients.

Fast paced solutions, creative techniques and innovative ideas coupled with his expertise in dealing diversified business clients, making him as a powerful Motivational speaker, Passionate trainer & exceptional Leadership consultant. He breaks the monotony of one-sided talks and uses experiential methods & practical tools to inspire people to achieve the best result.


Contains powerful and effective training programs in different areas of Leadership & management for overall development of people, businesses & corporates.

Are meant to ignite the inner & latent drive in every individual which can incredibly transform the people & thus they leverage their fullest potential

Helps all leaders & executives to achieve the excellence in their leadership & makes them agile to spearhead the competition & challenges.

Are dedicated to students & youth to ignite & prepare them well before entering in real world so that they can explore myriad opportunities & excel in them.

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