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The digital revolution, a shift in consumer behaviour, technological advancement, 
all this suggests that Leaders have to reinvent the way they lead their business and  people.

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VUCA world and its Impact on Today’s Leaders


VUCA stands for a business world that is more Volatile, more uncertain, more complex and more ambiguous than ever before. Over 50% of Fortune 500 companies from the year 2000 do not exist anymore.They didn’t innovate, they didn’t use data to make decisions, and they didn’t survive because they weren’t able to adapt to this VUCA world.


  • The Lack of Stability and Predictability. 
  • Rate of Change is high 


  • Lack of certainty of the present situation and future outcomes.
  • Lack of ability to foresee what major changes might come.


  • Interconnectivity and interdependence of multiple components in a system. 


  • Lack of ability to decide the best course of action. 
  • Open to more than one interpretation.

With the aim of “Developing Leaders across various industries to excel in VUCA world”, IGNITEDDREAM is offering this powerful “2 Hour Leadership Spark Session” absolutely free in your own company.

Why Leaders must learn
A new set of skills to excel in VUCA world?

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity — VUCA — are the realities of today and leaders must accept this reality.
Leaders are increasingly facing challenges that have no solutions. Of course, they will have to make decisions anyway.

Traditional leadership and management styles are no longer seem adequate to address the level and speed of change in market conditions.

In a VUCA environment: 

  • Customer need is changing.
  • Technology is changing.
  • Knowledge force is changing.
  • Communication medium is changing.
  • Employee motivations are changing.

In this dynamic & agile market, Leaders have to:

  • Be agile and future fluent.
  • Develop new strategy to lead people and business effectively.
  • Create a culture in which curiosity and a hunger to learn is fostered.
  • Leading team of millennials and C-suites effectivity.
  • Take calculated risk with efficient business decisions.

In this complex world,leaders must learn new set of skills to survive and thrive through various unpredictability & complexity across Political, Economic, Financial and Technological 
structures so that they can lead their people and business effectively in the 21st century.

What Leaders are going to learn from this program?

This program  is divided in two important sections

4 Pillars of VUCA
Leadership Framework

  • Leader as futurist
  • Leader as Innovator
  • Leader as Technologist
  • Leader as Impact -Driver

3A formula for VUCA Leadership excellence

Agility: Face the Pace

Ability to move quickly and easily on customer need.

Accessibility: Access to Success

Ability to move quickly and easily on customer need.

Adaptability: Adopt to Sustain

Ability to move quickly and easily on customer need.

Benefits of 2 hours

Leadership Spark Session

This Leadership Spark  session is full of new insights that will enable the business leaders & executives to embrace new challenges and lead people and business to the next level. Some of the key benefits are described below:

  • Understand VUCA world and its implications on leadership and business.
  • Building leadership agility of self and future leaders to lead in VUCA world.
  • Creating a culture of learning, leveraging & leading.
  • Being future fluent to build adaptive organization.
  • Being able to inspire engagement and foster innovation.

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Success Partner

⦾  Shiv Pandey is Founder & CEO of IGNITEDDREAM company which works in the field of people & business development.

⦾   Powerful Corporate Trainer, Leadership Igniter & Motivational Speaker 

⦾  More than 10+ Years of work experience, worked in a big & renowned Indian automobile company & business consultancy company.

⦾  Provides fast-paced solutions, creative techniques & Innovative ideas to solve the business issues and challenges.

⦾  Working with a vision “ To develop exceptional people & organizations across the globe”






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Motivational Program

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Institutional Program

Are dedicated for students & youth to ignite them for being ready & prepared before entering in real
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Frequently asked questions

This is an awareness program to create a leadership spark across various industries that’s why IGNITEDDREAM is offering this program absolutely free. Any specific and customized programs will be on a chargeable basis.

This Leadership Spark session is completely unique from other free sessions. We are reaching into your own company at your own comfortable time to discuss and share our experiences and knowledge.This session will enable you to be more agile, accessible & adaptable to highly dynamic business environment.

Currently we are approaching every client one to one to understand their own deep rooted leadership challenges . This will make us to listen and resolve their challenges in the way that suits for their team and organization.

Nothing .Just two important steps are required :
1. Sign up for this program
2. Fill the questionnaire for leadership assessment

This session must be attended by Senior Managers, Team Leaders , Executive Leaders, CEOs, Presidents & Business Owners.

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